Anti Gravel Coating

Anti gravel coating — elastic anti-rust coating based on high-polymer rubber and synthetic resins.

Anti gravel coating — used for car bodies — thresholds, spoilers, wheel arches, front and rear aprons, door bottoms and other parts.

  • Reliable protection from pebbles, abrasive impact of dirt, sand, petrol, oils, water and salts.
  • Resistant to temperature changes.
  • Reduces noise inside a car.
  • Highly adhesive.
  • High spreading capacity.
  • Compatible with all kinds of paints and lacquers.
  • Makes car bodies last much longer.
  • Spreading capacity (depending on coat thickness) is 2.5–3 м².
  • Full drying time is 2 hours at t +20°C.

Hogyan kell használni

  1. Prepare the surface: remove dirt and rust, sand, degrease.
  2. Shake the can for at least 3–5 min — it will make a coat homogeneous and prevent the injector from being blocked.
  3. Shake the can from time to time when using.
  4. Spray to test.
  5. Hold the can upright. Apply a thin coat at 25–30 cm distance. For the best effect make 2–3 thin coats with 5 min intervals.
The surfaces treated with “Antigravel” should be painted at least 4–5 hours later.