Lithium Grease White

Lithium grease white – universal grease for various rubbing mechanical parts treatment.

Provides perfect glide, reduces friction and wear on metals at a wide temperature range (from −30°C to +130°C). Protects against corrosion, aggressive moisture, dust and road reagents.

  • Doesn’t thicken in cold weather.
  • Provides perfect glide, reduces friction and wear.
  • Ensures long-term protection against corrosion.
  • Can be used throughout the year due to its wide operating temperature range.
  • Can be sprayed 360°.

Cum se utilizează

  1. Prepare the surface.
  2. Shake the can for 2–3 min.
  3. Hold the can upright. Distance 5-10 cm.
  4. Instantly ready to use. Apply the lubricant on the inner side of a mechanism.