How to lubricate form rubbers with PITON silicone lubricant

Silicone lubricant – is reliable security, professional maintenance and a preventive measure.

What is the silicone lubricant? Its capabilities and advantages are obvious, because it:

  • is an eco-friendly product without smell;
  • is efficient both under the high and low temperatures – from — 40 to +200 ºС;
  • has a high level of penetrability;
  • is not washed out by water;
  • protects from moisture, corrosion, deterioration, cracking;
  • prevents from freezing on;
  • makes it easy to assemble and disassemble;
  • provides sliding for rubbing parts and machinery;
  • is multifunctional; is used in household and production for the maintenance of items from metal, plastic, rubber, vynil and other;
  • handy and easy to use: the thin tip on the pulverizer allows to inject the lubricant from spray into hard-to-reach places.

Silicon lubricant for a car. What is lubricated and for what purpose? Problems and solutions.

Silicon lubricant is widely used for treatment, protection, seasonal service of various parts of cars, for example, moldings, belts, form rubbers of doors (hood, trunk), floor coverings, door locks, runners of window regulators, storage battery wires. It is used for treatment of rubber sealing rings in internal-combustion engines, filler blocks, operating under high temperatures.

Why is it important to control the state of form rubbers?

Form rubbers provide air-tightness, acoustic insulation and thermal overload protection in a passenger compartment. If it is not maintained constantly, the rubber deteriorates, looses elasticity, cracks and stops fulfilling its functions. Squeals and noises are heard, dust, moisture appear in the passenger compartment. Constant freezing on happens in winter and inter-season, what speeds up the process of form rubbers deterioration.

What are the reasons for form rubber deterioration?

  • low temperature in winter and high in summer;
  • huge temperature swings under high level of humidity;
  • road dust, dirt, salt technical agents;
  • direct sun light.

It is obvious that we can’t change the environment, but we are able to maintain form rubbers properly. It makes no sense to pay extra money for this service at a car wash or a service station, if the silicon lubricant is at hand.

How to lubricate form rubbers with PITON silicon lubricant?

1. Clean form rubbers.
2. Apply evenly the lubricant on form rubbers.
3. Distribute the silicon over the whole surface with napkin.

Silicone lubricant for form rubbers
Silicon lubricant for a car

How does it work?

Silicon lubricant-spray penetrates into rubber microcracks, softens it, restore elasticity, reduces deterioration, prevents from cracking, forms water-proof protective layer. Form rubbers are as new after treatment.

How to lubricate form rubbers with PITON silicon lubricant
Silicone lubricant

Where else silicon lubricant is used.

It is impossible to replace silicon rubber in household.  It is used for the lubrication of door locks, furniture fasteners (butts, door-handles, latches), when assembling and disassembling bathroom fixtures and plastic pipeline, the maintenance of household appliances, computer coolers, window form rubbers.  It is also efficient for storage and seasonal service of such sports equipment as skis, snowboards, bicycles, rollers, home gym equipment, diving equipment.  Silicon lubricant is widely used for treatment of industrial equipment and lubrication of cutting die.

The silicon lubricant in spray – one can for solving numerous problems.