Usually, we do not notice how many times a day we open and close the doors: the doors of an apartment, a house, a country cottage, a household building, or a garage.
You cannot argue that doors and locks are security. Safety is one of the basic needs in human life. Therefore, our door mechanisms need care.

Jamming of the key, excessive efforts to open the entrance door are the first signs that it is time to think about how and with what to lubricate the lock or hinges.
Imagine you or your child coming home and not being able to open the door. Another situation: you have an important meeting, but you simply cannot leave the house. So, maybe it is better to prevent this and lubricate the lock in advance?
Folk remedies, for example, sunflower or other edible oil, are not the cure. Here is why.
This is a short-term solution to the problem. Sunflower oil absorbs dirt and dust, which can lead to even more jamming or even a breakdown of the mechanism.
It is best to use special greases in aerosol containers. Locks in working order mean convenience and safety.

How to lubricate the door lock and combination lock

You need a multipurpose TM PITON spray grease. Multipurpose PITON grease eliminates creaking, displaces moisture and prevents freezing.

Lubricating the lock
How to lubricate the door

1. Shake the can for 2-3 minutes. Insert the tube into the dispensing device.
2. Make an injection into the key hole.

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3. To lubricate the combination lock, make an injection near the buttons and into the lock mechanism itself. It is necessary to put the lock into motion, this way the lubricant will be evenly distributed inside the mechanism.

The issue is especially acute as the autumn and the winter approach. Rains, frosts, high humidity, temperature changes quickly disable the mechanism. Do not take chances. Buy the multipurpose PITON grease and stop creating yourself unnecessary problems.